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Article: Fast Facts About LED Light Therapy

Fast Facts About LED Light Therapy

Fast Facts About LED Light Therapy


LED light therapy utilizes the power of light energy, it’s UV-free, non-damaging to the skin, and it’s also developed by NASA!

What Is LED Light Therapy?

Get to know LED light therapy

  • Originating in Medicine - LED light therapy first emerged as a valuable treatment for chronic pain, joint, and soft tissue injuries. Its effectiveness in the medical field paved the way for its expansion into skincare.
  • Cosmetic Discoveries - In the 1980s, a groundbreaking revelation occurred. Researchers found that red light and infrared therapy not only had medical benefits but also produced cosmetic improvements. This breakthrough catapulted LED light therapy into the realm of beauty and skincare.
  • Athletic Rehabilitation - LED light therapy has become a treatment of choice for athletes during their rehabilitation process. Its remarkable ability to promote healing and reduce inflammation makes it an invaluable tool in athletic recovery.
  • Brightening Moods - Beyond its physical benefits, LED light therapy has been found to have a positive effect on individuals with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). The use of red light has shown promising results in uplifting moods and combating the winter blues.

While it's commonly associated with facial treatments, you can also use it on other parts of your body. The Project E Beauty LightAura Plus includes an LED neck panel, allowing you to extend the benefits of LED light therapy to your neck area as well. 

What Are The Benefits of LED Light Therapy?

The magic lies in the wavelengths used during LED light therapy. Different colors targets different skin concerns. From calming red lights to energizing blue lights, each wavelength serves a unique purpose in transforming your skin.

  • Experience transformative results with LED light therapy—an easy and quick way to rejuvenate your skin. This non-invasive treatment typically delivers noticeable improvements in just 2-3 weeks.
  • Faded wrinkles and fine lines - LED light therapy effectively targets signs of aging, to prevent aging skin and restore a more healthy complexion.
  • Fights Acne Prone Skin - proven to be effective in managing mild to moderate acne, reducing breakouts and promoting clearer skin.
  • Pore Perfector - LED light therapy helps minimize the appearance of pores, giving your skin a smoother and more even texture.
  • Stimulates Collagen - More collagen production helps restore elasticity and firmness to your skin, to help keep your skin plump for a younger look.


Is LED Light Therapy Safe?

Rest assured, this therapy is generally considered safe for use. Just remember to follow recommended guidelines and avoid excessive use. If you have any specific concerns or medical conditions, it's always better to consult a healthcare professional before starting new treatments. 

  • LED light therapy utilizes 100% UV-free, high-intensity LED bulbs that do not generate heat. This means there's no risk of burns, making it a safe option for skincare treatments
  • Many LED light therapy device manufacturers include built-in eye protection in their products. Take note, avoid directly staring at the LED lights as it can be harmful to your eyesight
  • LED light therapy is perfectly safe for all skin colors and types. Its non-invasive nature makes it a versatile and inclusive option for skincare regimens
  • Some mild reactions, like temporary redness, can occur immediately after an LED light therapy session


How Often Should You Use LED Light Masks?

This is one of the most common questions when it comes to including LED light therapy into your skincare routine: How often should I use LED light therapy at home?

The beauty of LED light masks  is their ease of use and seamless integration into any skincare routine. 

  • For beginners, start with a maximum of 20 minutes per day, 2 to 3 times a week
  • Simply monitor your skin's response and adjust the frequency as needed based on the results you see
  • Once your skin begins to show positive changes, feel free to customize your usage
  • Increase the frequency if your skin responds well or decrease it if any signs of sensitivity arise (Adapt accordingly)
  • Finding the right frequency for LED light mask usage is a personal journey. Start gradually, observe your skin, and tailor your routine to achieve the best results

   written by Sophie Flair

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