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Article: Which LED Light Therapy Is Best For Your Skin, Red Or Blue?

Which LED Light Therapy Is Best For Your Skin, Red Or Blue?

Which LED Light Therapy Is Best For Your Skin, Red Or Blue?


By now, you’ve probably seen a lot of those futuristic-looking LED light masks or heard enough about the benefits of LED light therapy treatment. There is still so much to learn about this groundbreaking approach to skin transformation.  

If you're ready to start your own LED light therapy journey or are still curious about it, keep reading to learn more about red and blue light therapies, how to choose the best LED light color for your skin, how frequently you should use your device, and more. 

How does LED light therapy work?


How does LED light therapy work?


LED light therapy is a non-invasive skin treatment that rejuvenates the skin from within through the penetration of UV-free light energy. The effects of this therapy on the skin depend on how deep the light's wavelength travels. As an example, red light with wavelengths ranging from 620nm to 750nm reaches and affects fibroblasts which play a role in collagen production. 

Why are there many light colors in some LED light therapy devices? That’s because the different wavelengths of light correspond to specific LED light colors. The Project E Beauty Photon Skin Rejuvenation Face & Neck Mask features up to seven LED light colors as well as an additional light panel for the neck area.

The energy used in light therapy is safe on skin and overall health. Light therapy devices only use non-heating LED bulbs that do not emit harmful UV like the sun’s rays. The two most widely used wavelength colors are the pimple-fighting blue and the anti-wrinkle red. 

What Are The Benefits Of Blue LED Light Therapy?


What Are The Benefits Of Blue LED Light Therapy?


In its earliest iterations, blue LED light was used to treat psoriasis and inflammatory skin conditions, destroy bacteria, and soothe sensitive skin. Today in skincare, it’s the wavelength of choice for individuals with acne-prone and oily skin.

How does blue LED light therapy treat mild to moderate acne? It works by using the wavelength of light in the blue spectrum to penetrate the hair follicle and destroy acne-causing bacteria. Blue light energy stimulates the production of a compound called porphyrin which can also be found in the same bacteria. This compels the organisms to self-destruct, which reduces inflammation and the severity of acne breakouts.

At the same time, blue light also reduces the activity in the sebaceous glands. This action helps eliminate excess sebum that can plug the pores and cause blemishes. Take advantage of the blue light found in the Project E Beauty Skin Rejuvenation Photon Mask

Here are some of the proven benefits of blue LED light therapy:

      • Reduced acne and blemishes
      • Shine-free complexion and healthy pores
      • Improved acne scars and prevention of scarring
      • Reduction in symptoms of inflammatory skin conditions such as rosacea and eczema
      • Alleviate sun damage such as sun spots

What Are The Benefits Of Red LED Light Therapy?


What Are The Benefits Of Red LED Light Therapy?


Are you tired of spending a fortune on skincare products that promise youthful skin but fail to deliver? Here’s a foolproof solution to your aging skin woes: red LED light therapy. The healing power of red LED light was first discovered by NASA while aboard the space shuttle in the late 1980s. Today, skincare enthusiasts all over the world enjoy its well-established anti-aging benefits.  

How does red light slow down the effects of aging on skin? When red light energy penetrates the skin, it stimulates the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATP, a chemical present in all living cells, serves as a catalyst for cellular metabolic processes such as tissue repair, nutrient transport, and cell renewal. 

ATP triggers fibroblast cells to produce more collagen and elastin, both of which are essential for a healthy and youthful complexion. This is how red light penetrates the dermis, renewing and transforming it from the inside out. Have a comfortable time smoothing wrinkles with the LED Light Therapy Mask - Silicone from Project E Beauty. 

Red LED light therapy offers benefits beyond just boosting collagen. It can also help in wound management and pain relief. But is LED red light therapy safe? Yes! Here are more of its benefits:

      • Fights skin aging, reduces fine lines and wrinkles
      • Reverses sun damage, fixes uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation
      • Reduces swelling and inflammation, brings down inflammation in cells
      • Improve wound healing, stimulates a growth factor that promotes skin cell regeneration
      • Calms down symptoms of skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea
      • Alleviates pain by directly working on neurons that transmit pain

How To Choose Between Red and Blue LED Light Therapy?

With a versatile device such as the seven-color Lumamask LED Light Therapy by Project E Beauty, you’ll never have to make that difficult choice. 

To help you make the most of your LED light therapy journey, here’s a quick guide that lists common skin concerns. 

Skin concern

Blue light

Red light

Wrinkles and fine lines 

Loose, sagging skin

Acne breakouts

Oily, shiny skin

Enlarged pores

Inflammation and redness

Dry and rough patches

Sun spots and discoloration 


Can You Combine Blue And Red LED Light Therapy?

Yes, it is possible (and safe!)  to combine blue and red LED light therapy for even more skin benefits. The combination of the two can be especially beneficial for individuals with acne-prone skin. Blue light can help eliminate acne-causing bacteria, while red light boosts collagen production and reduces inflammation. 

How often should you use LED light masks? For beginners, treatments using a LED light therapy mask or a handheld device can be done up to four times a week starting with 10-minute sessions. Once favorable results are noticeable, reduce treatments to twice a week and do longer sessions for up to 15 minutes each.

 written by Olivia Khader




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